About Us

Welcome on our site!

We are cohesive team of photography lovers who are passionate about their craft. Together we create delicate and aesthetic pictures that will keep memories about the best moments of your life.

We love our craft primarily because it allows us to create something substantial and valuable! We meet plenty of great people, live the most important moments of their lives with them, while at the same time we create a valuable memory made of real feelings for the years to come. We enjoy to enrich the world around us with something beautiful and in the end we make people just a little bit happier 🙂

Everything above inspires us every day and gives us strength to develop and give 100% of ourselves to every small or bigger project. We love and are proud of every completed session, however, our best picture is the one we will take tomorrow.

In our clients we value openness, mutual affection, good taste and love for the photography. For us it is important to work with people who have the same understanding of beauty as we do – that is the basis for successful cooperation. Apart from that we are really happy that more and more professionals (photographers, decorators, make-up artists, models etc.), who have all the traits mentioned above, trust us with shooting photos for them 🙂

Our team includes only trusted and tested people. We can cohesively work together on the same project completing one another or we can work separately on different sessions. Regardless of the model of cooperation we guarantee high quality of our services and the same beautiful aesthetics of our pictures that meets the standards of Studio Slon.

We are open for fascinating projects, interesting people, long trips and just beautiful sessions! Get to know us better through our pictures, reading reviews about us or even meeting us somewhere cozy for a delicious coffee 🙂

Founder, main aspirator and photographer of Studio Slon. Demanding perfectionist and maximalist that will be able to see and catch beauty in every person or situation.

Studio Słoń Manager. Artistic, ambitious soul with plenty of ideas. Loves her job and meeting new and interesting people who inspire her.

Photographer of Studio Słoń. Full of optimism and is always smiling. Among her most important values are family, feelings full of love and relations that she beautifully shows in her pictures.

Photographer. Calm, patient and nice person. Create balanced atmosphere during the shoot that is particularly important for weddings and sessions with children. Creates bright and light colors on her pictures.

Photographer. Energetic, crazy, fun and very kind person! Loves children, infects with positive energy everyone around and creates pictures full of life.

Editor of the studio. Pedantic, meticulous and responsible - cares about every detail. Person that ensures stylistic uniformity of our studio

Enjoy your photos!

Studio Slon team.